Finding the perfect cat sitter can be a real challenge, especially when you don’t want to hand over your beloved companion to just anyone. Here at Truly Pawesome, we understand this challenge, which is why we deliver cat sitting services which are second to none. When you need someone to pet sit your cat, you can trust Truly Pawesome. We are industry leading professionals so you can confidently leave your cat with someone you trust. Optimal care is what we are known for ensuring.

When you choose Truly Pawesome, you’re making the right choice for your loved one. You need a reliable person who will ensure your cat’s well being, and provide constant care and attention or at least the option, for some of the more independent felines. We offer access to thousands of animal lovers who will care for your cat as if it was their own.

That’s right, a cat lover who will provide the perfect environment for your pet. Rest, play, and feeding time all taken care of. Making sure your cat is being well cared for when you’re not around is our first priority.

Using a cat sitter can not only reap benefits for your cat, but also your home. Thats right, enjoy the best of both worlds when you choose our house and pet sitting service.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, you also have the confidence of knowing that someone is there looking after both your cat and your home. Cat boarding in the pet’s home is perfect option if you don’t want to disrupt your pet’s routine or place them in an unfamiliar environment where they may experience travel trauma. Choosing this option also provides the added benefit of keeping your home secure.

Cat Sitting Services

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Estimated Rates are subjected to change based on your request or situation and are not guaranteed.

Cat Sitting Service Visit Includes:
  • Pet First Aid and CPR Certified Cat Sitter
  • Real-time notes delivered to you via email after each visit, with a report of the day’s activities and pictures of your pet.
  • Access to your very own app and scheduler to make scheduling your visits effortless.
  • All your animals will be fed their normal food at the times and in the quantities specified by you.
  • Clean water dish and replenish water.
  • Liter Box Cleaning
  • Brushing if requested
  • We always pick up after your pet.
  • Stable routines will be followed, including exercise regimes
  • All your animals health will be constantly kept an eye on and professional help sought immediately when necessary.
  • Your animals will be loved and cared for just as you would and Truly Pawesome will continue with their usual routines.
  • Your house will be kept clean and tidy, your plants watered, your mail, newspaper, and packages picked up to 25 lbs, and everything kept running as if you were there
  • When they leave, caretakers will leave everything in an even better state than they found it!
  • The security of your home will be greatly enhanced by not being left empty.
  • Any emergencies whether with your animals or your home will be quickly and professionally dealt with.

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