Molar Heart-Shaped Straw Cake

Rabbits and Small Animals Molar Heart-Shaped Straw Cake Treats With Petals



Handmade – All Natural No Additives Small Animal Snacks/Treats

Calendula Flavor – Calendula Flavor has effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying, anti-inflation and sterilizing, and significance effect on insomnia pets

Marigold Flavor – Marigold has immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to support your little pal’s immune system. They are rich in nutrients and improve immunity.

Rose Flavor – Rose has the effect of prompting bile secretion and can be used for liver-stomach discord, reducing swelling and removing blood stasis

Small Animal Snacks/Treats: Rabbits, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, and other Small Animals

Specification: 200g

Raw Material: Timothy Grass Powder, fruit puree, carrot, rose, and marigolds

Feature: Natural hand-made, baking process up to 26 hours

Storage: Sealed and stored in a cool and dry place.

Advantage: High fiber nutrition

Please feed within 30 days of opening

Net Weight: 200g

Product features

Safe and Natural Toys: Handmade with Timothy grass powder, fruit puree, carrots, etc.,

without industrial pollution. It helps digestion and relieve intestinal inflammation and mild pain.


Double Roasting: The whole process of production is up to 26 hours.

Double baking ensures the hardness of the grass ball and the effect of grinding.

It is not easy to mold after long storage.


Grinding Teeth: Grass balls are good for teeth and can be chewed safely.

If they don’t grind their teeth, they wear the upper and lower jaws and even when the teeth are long.


Nutritional Balance: High fiber and low protein, promote digestion and gastrointestinal motility.

Rich in vitamins, supplement the nutrients needed for small pets.


Suitable for Small Animals: The Molar Grass Cake is suitable for guinea pigs,

squirrels, rabbits, parrots, hamsters, gerbils and other rodents.


Timothy Hay Is The  Best Choice of Rabbit Hay


Timothy Hay is by far the most popular and probably the best kind you can give your rabbit as their basic hay source. 


Timothy hay is a good all around choice for unlimited offering to your guinea pigs,

squirrels, rabbits, parrots, hamsters, gerbils and other rodents.


Timothy hay is a mix of leaves and stems from Timothy grass, which is a perennial bunchgrass. 


Timothy grass is a cool-season grass and it works well for bunnies with delicate digestive systems. It provides very good fibre content and is a thick, coarse hay. 


Timothy Hay is high in fibre and low in protein which is a combination critical to the health of guinea pigs, squirrels, rabbits, parrots, hamsters, gerbils and other rodents.


The protein and fibre levels help to keep the gastrointestinal tract functioning properly. Timothy Hay should be fed as ‘free-choice’ food daily, meaning it should be available at ALL TIMES. 


Timothy hay is the better choice of hay as it comes straight from the farm, sun-dried naturally and in most cases free from pesticides. This makes it more fragrant, greener and more palatable. 


Note: Timothy Hay is more suitable for rabbits and other small animals