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Leash Training for your Pets

Initially pets don’t like to be held by anything; exception can be when they are being fed they will allow to be held against. If they are held by force, they will retaliate by biting, spinning, clawing or jumping. One of the reasons can be that because they weren’t used to such kind of affection, this alien action will actually…

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Basic Puppy Care – First Weeks

After you select the puppy of your dreams, you get to take him home without a manual to tell you how to succeed at raising him. The first night is always hard because the puppy will start to miss his Mom and other siblings. He may cry or whine throughout the night. One can hardly blame him for his actions.…

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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Maryland

Basic Dog Training Tips For Taming Your Dog

All dog owners should know some basic dog training methods, as these aspects will be very helpful in the everyday life to train your dog various basic and useful techniques on dog obedience, developing desirable results and encouraging excellent behavior for your dog. Difficulty of the command Always begin teaching your puppy or dog the easiest command(s) possible so that…

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Choosing The Right Pet Sitter or Dog Walker.

Pet sitters are like babysitters, who are employed to take care of a pet within the home. Usually, pet owners hire them on a contract basis when they go out on vacations. They can also be employed for a short duration like for an evening. The advantage of hiring Truly Pawesome Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Company is that our…

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